Debut and ShowCode partner to launch university coding competition

Debut and ShowCode partner to launch university coding competition

Tech start-up ShowCode announce partnership with Debut, the world’s first careers app dedicated to students and graduates, as they draw closer to the launch of online coding competition Unicode.

The competition will see 80 universities go head-to-head across 4 leagues as each university team battles it out for the chance to win a trip to San Francisco; while at the same time employers who sponsor the challenges can use the platform to engage with the UK’s best tech grads.

ShowCode CEO Will Knight said of the partnership “We’re really excited to be working with Debut. Part of the idea with Unicode is to give as many students as possible, regardless of background, the chance to impress some of the UK’s largest tech employers.”

“We’re hoping that the partnership can help increase awareness of the competition and take it to a place where coding becomes just as much of a competitive activity at Universities as football and rugby – while simultaneously giving employers that sponsor the challenges a wider pool of talent to engage with.”

Debut’s Michele Trusolino added “This partnership gives students a great opportunity to showcase their tech skills to top UK employers and our clients the ability to engage early with great candidates based entirely on their merits. Debut’s and ShowCode’s missions are closely aligned and we look forward to working together to level the tech playing field!”

Both parties hope to see the partnership improve the experience of looking for a graduate job, especially in what is sure to be a challenging year for new grads.

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