Organise your unlimited tests with folders

Organise your unlimited tests with folders

Today we’re releasing our first exciting feature since re-branding as ShowX all those months ago. We've been hard at work making small improvements by collecting more feedback from all of our wonderful customers. One of the consistent issues that surfaces, is the ability to organise your unlimited tests between your team.

The new folders feature helps you with:

• Clear the clutter and organising your tests

• Organise by client, job role and teams

• Makes tests easier to find to speed things up a little

We’re confident this update will help improve your workflow especially for the larger teams with the possibility of creating unlimited tests.

Where are the folders?

To kick things off you’ll probably want to create your first Folder. You can find this by clicking on the ‘Tests’ module from the main menu, then click on the Folders tab at the top of the page.

Find folders

Creating and sharing your folders

Creating and sharing folders is really simple and there are two ways to do this. For the first time, you can click on the big ‘Create a folder box’ and for every-time after, you can click on ‘Create a folder’ button located in the top right corner.

This opens up a modal where you can enter the folder’s name and also share to the wider team. Save and you’re done.

New folders

Adding and removing tests to folders

We found that searching for tests first, then adding to a folder made more sense with our current system so that you can see what you’re adding. Simply search for a Test using the search field, click on the Test summary and the Folders option will now appear in the panel. Add the Test to as many folders as you like, or remove them by clicking the X on the folder tag.

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