A coding community, changing the way you hire the best tech talent


Create your bespoke company hub and leagues to attract your future hires


Build Contests and Coding Challenges tailored to engage with the coding community


Surface insights of top coders by understanding their profile and performance

A unique coding experience

From our fantasy football league style contests to the Showcode Academy. Developers can hone their skills and earn badges. Everything is coder-centric

LinkedIn for coders

Coders will build up a profile of achievements, badges and league positions. As they enter into employer tournaments and challenges, they can choose to share these profiles and show companies their potential based on coding ability, rather than qualifications or experience

Changing the face of the tech industry

Showcode provides developers with a completely level playing field. Our competitions and challenges will be won by those with the best coding ability, not those who have the best A-Levels or went to the biggest University. Our badges and achievements can be completed by anybody, with our academy being designed to help coders develop their skills if they’re not yet job ready. There are no barriers, no discrimination, no bias – just a platform designed to help shift the perception of the best candidate from most qualified, to most able.

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