Unicode 20/21

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What is Unicode?

University students from around the globe will team up to compete in our unique coding leagues, culminating in a live event where the top 5 teams from each league will take part in the ultimate coding battle

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Sponsoring a Unicode Challenge

Each university team will compete across 13 different coding challenges, with each challenge available for an employer to sponsor. Sponsoring a contest will give you access to engage with the thousands of students who compete in your challenge, allowing you to see each coder’s performance and identify the future of tech talent in the UK.

Encourage Social Mobility

Unicode provides an opportunity for students of all backgrounds to compete on a level playing field and showcase their ability. Whether it’s the Oxford or Oxford Brookes, the winner of each fixture, league and competition will be decided on coding ability. We hope that this can be a platform for change, helping the shift away from screening candidates by university and academic attainment, and toward a fairer system where candidates are screened and hired based on their ability. Will Sunderland finish ahead of Cambridge? Will Coventry Uni beat Oxford?

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