Unicode 20/21

84 Teams spread over 6 leagues battle head-to-head for points. Sign up to win awesome prizes and get in front of top brands

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Unicode Final

The final top 30 universities from the Unicode 20/21 season

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How long is it?

There is a total of 13 challenges to complete, 
each one taking about an hour to complete. A challenge is open for 2 weeks and only your first submission will count for scoring.

How you win?

Each coder can contribute points towards their University 
by completing a challenge. The team with the highest points (taken from the top 10 individual scores) will win the fixture and obtain 3 points.

The Grande Finale

The top 10 coders from the 5 teams in each league will battle it out in the Unicode 20/21 Grand Finale to claim top spot. Don’t worry, you can still qualify for the individual finale if your team doesn’t make it


Where does my data go?

It is our priority to ensure that your information is kept secure and confidential. You can opt to share your profile data with sponsored companies otherwise you will remain anonymous.

Is registration free?

Yes, registration is free and we will not ask for payment

How long does a challenge take?​

You can complete a challenge within it's start and end date. You only have one attempt and there is no time limit, although speed is of the essense

How are challenges scored?​

Challenges are scored based on speed and quality using our high tech algorithms. These variables are weighted to give you a percentage score. We check for plagiarism too, so no cheating!

Is my account secure?

Yes, we use Auth0 security that ensures we are compliant with EU & US standards along with ISO27001